About Us

RubyJade started as a dream, just a whisper, an idea that fine jewellery should be accessible to all women of discerning taste regardless of their means. 

RubyJade is an Australian brand, offering fine precious jewellery. Timeless pieces making them the perfect gift or even self-purchase. After all, it's about celebrating the joys, and love in our lives - not forgetting self-love.

I've spent years buying and developing fine jewellery, and supplying collections for top Australian retailers. Chances are you've already worn or seen the creations. My experience has shown me what women adore in jewellery.

The design process - Bringing the ranges to life

Classic modern minimalism and quality are key when developing the ranges. I take bestselling styles, add a light touch for trend, perfect colour combinations, and then add a fresh take to the range pieces. It's how I bring romantic, sweeter details for pretty floral lovers to striking bold statement cocktail rings for every woman.

Manufacturing quality

The jewellery manufacturers are the most trusted quality suppliers, known for sourcing outstanding stones to Australian retail. RubyJade produces designs to premium commercial grade, often hand-finished. Only tasteful designed semi-precious fine jewellery with tantalizing finishes.

Beautiful jewellery, beautifully finished.