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NEW Coconut Soy Candles - Love, Light & Truth

  • $49.95

Introducing Love, Light and Truth ...

A glass range reflective of allowing your unique self to be fully seen and to shine without fear of living your own truth.

Three scents of true purpose gift boxed in our signature range white gift box.

LOVE : Show yourself some extra kind with our decadent scent of Love. A seductive scent filled with musk and sensual touches of anjou pear, bergamot, vanilla bean, heliotrope and liquorice. Let your inner warmth shine bright and be reminded of the beauty you bring.

LIGHT : Step out of your own shadow and shine that inner light bright. Our fresh beauty that is Light will provide you with fresh notes of pineapple, lime, lemongrass, coconut, sandalwood and vanilla. This light-filled scented beauty is here to serve as a reminder to believe in yourself and follow brings you joy.

TRUTH : There will be no denying the power of living your truth with this powerhouse scent. Providing a deep and rich woody aroma with earthy vetiver at it's core. With added smoky undertones of leather and fruity hints of blood plum finishing off with notes of oak moss, musk and jasmine. A fragrant memory that will linger long after the candle is finishes.

When we are true to ourselves we experience true happiness. Which will you choose as your scented reminder?

100% Natural Coconut Soy Wax. Wood Wick.

Approx. Burn Time : 45 hours